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Unbearable Toll

November 25, 2016

Should I try, should I bother, should I care

this world, I can only offer blank stares.

It’s not just that you have let me down,

or that you continually make me frown.

It’s that there is nothing left to fight for.

Our lives have been insulated, controlled

welfare, health, vaccinations, a constant bore,

a constant drag on all that is souled.

And I watch on as en masse you import a fresh batch

of care free wanderers to hop in and snatch

the only things worth fighting for in the first place.

I am left paralysed in anger and disgrace.

No outlet, any action will bring shame down on me,

except to be the caricature I am expected to be.

So instead I distance myself from the whole thing,

the contrived process trying to pull all our strings.

I get momentary freedom, the bliss of escape.

Soon replaced by loneliness and self-rape.

With nothing external left to push against

the feelings go inwards without restraint.

Hollowing out my body and my soul,

a crushing and unbearable toll.



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