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Christmas Sneer

November 26, 2016

“The winter season is here!”

He exclaims with a sarcastic sneer.

“Gather with family and friends!”

(I have none on who I can depend.)

“Share gifts, presents and good tidings!”

(Yeh whatever, I wish I could go into hiding)

For my time I am patiently biding,

till the year is over and done

and a new one can be begun.

I have nothing to celebrate,

and I don’t want to celebrate with any of you,

you I once had to placate

when I was too small and didn’t have a clue

How to defend myself and stand my ground

from your abusive tirades without bounds.

The butt of your jokes, the sacrificial lamb,

the one for whom none of you gave a damn.

But I am fully grown now, and still you expect of me

to follow through, the script officially.

To continue the habits, the predictable actions

with no withstands, buts, or late retractions.

So I go through the motions for yet another year

a stockholm syndrome of which I can never be clear.

Thanks a lot to my nearest and dear,

for this hopeless life full of fear.


From → Poetry, Spirituality

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