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November 26, 2016

(On second thoughts, I may as well just carry on with the poems, complete this journey of self destruction.)

Lured in by the seduction of her smile

happens in a moment, but lasts a long while.

Fascinated by her mannerism’s, her silky motion

her hair, eyes, legs, all leave me in a commotion.

Tormenting my soul, invading my mind

day and night, everything that I find

reminds me of her company, solid as a rock,

the gazing in her eyes giving me an electric shock.

Only to discover to my great dismay,

she acts with all men in this flirty way.

What was rare to me was common as muck to her

where she saw clearly, I saw only a blur.

Had I have recognised, that this was the game

I’d have kept my cards much closer to my breast.

as it was, to my great naivety and shame,

I opened my heart, and she stomped on my chest.

Not in a blunt way, no this I was spared,

she slowly pressed down till I ran out of air.

Suffocated my feelings, used up my good will

left me for dead and reeling, till blood I began to spill.






From → Poetry, Spirituality

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