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November 26, 2016

Had a realisation that my openness on here leaves me susceptible to people taking advantage of this if they know me in real life. This was not something I had considered as a problem in the past few years, but of course its a different thing once you are working. Everything online is under scrutiny, and being open and honest is not recommended, particularly if you are being open and honest about vulnerabilities. I guess I shouldn’t have been so naive about this.

Its pretty scary thought that people would do this kind of thing, but I guess the temptation is there for all of us to take advantage of such information if it is presented to us. Its a really sad thought, and a really sad time, but this is the kind of controlled world we are living in now. My only option is to go anonymous with a lot of my poetry on a different blog, and only share safe information on this page. Its sad that the world is like this, but that is the way things are.


From → Spirituality, Writing

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