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December 2, 2016

Once more entering the catatonic state

emotional numbness from head to toe

trying not to provoke or exacerbate

my childhoods many traumatic blows.


It’s not the greatest of places to be,

still it is better than where I had been.

Of my body I am now somewhat free

though my mind remains murky and unclean.


Moving away from this physical form.

Watching on from a safe and distanced height,

inside me there may be a brewing storm,

but looking down it’s a pitiful sight.


A sad maelstrom of conflicting feelings.

A lost and lonely boy without a home,

refusing help that could be his healing,

preferring to ever wander and roam.


No more apologies, no more second chances,

just mad soliloquies and suspicious glances.

Distanced ever further I find some peace,

fleetingly nice, buts its just a disease.

The desperate, dying, delusional wish,

of the condemned mans last hot, tasty dish.



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