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No more Post-_____ Crap

December 5, 2016

Yes, it really is time we stopped being drawn into these ineffectual, empty labels: Post Modernism, etc. They denote a lack of something positive to say about our era, they indicate our era’s dependence on a previous era, that all it can to do distinguish itself is say Post-____. As if that magically, by negating a previous era in one label, distinguishes you from that era. This is not how social reality works. This is not how history works. The whole purpose of these labels is to promote lazy, relativistic thinking in colleges and universities throughout the world.

Culture and community changes on a continuum. There are not abrupt points for post-thinking to come in. They are just an excuse to ignore the intricate complications of that continuum of change in our modern era. They are an excuse to lose touch with reality, to negate any attempt at placing yourself in a culture or community. A futile, failed effort, it may be added. For culture and community will just hit back harder and on a more irrational level if you refuse to address it on a rational level. This could be what we have seen the past year with certain election results.

When someone says we live in a postmodern era, he is merely professing his ignorance of recent social changes, and declaring, we have changed somehow, he just doesn’t know how. We are different he declares, and arbitrarily so, and negatively so, from the modern era. We have lost truth, lost various values, lost religion, lost philosophy, lost belief. What have we gained? You will then get given vague abstractions such as technological progress, commodities. Basically all the things that have turned us into powerless consumers. So the postmodern is really about promoting our impotence and powerlessness within society. By abstracting us from a context from which we could draw something empowering that we could identify with.

I would almost go so far as to say that it is a conspiracy theory of the new economic and intellectual elite, to manipulate us all and herd us around to whatever belief they want us to hold. We are more flexible, more mobile etc etc, all these things mean we are more easily moulded by the brainwashing techniques of an elite with too much spare time on their hands. We are non-plus about values and morality and truth in the post modern chimera. Great, says the prospective brainwashers, all the more easy to manouever people around to believe whatever we want them to. All the less will we face resistance from their values and own sense of reason and critical judgment.

Please don’t fall for this crap, don’t be a sucker. The more we think lazily, the more we lose our freedom and dignity as a species and as a civilization. Just think about the kind of world you may be leaving for your children, before you rush to turn them into lazy commodity consumers. Don’t rely on school and education to provide mental discipline for your kids. These institutions are much more concerned with indoctrinating them with empty Post-_____ relativistic thinking. It’s simple, easy, and puts them on a nice conveyor belt into adulthood as obedient passive consumers, with petty resentments against caricature elites and wealthy people, but with no tools for addressing those resentments as they are simply too out of touch with social reality, lost in a fog of fuzzy post-______ thinking.

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