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Coping with Negative Self-Talk

December 8, 2016

Negative Self-Talk can be crippling at times. Just last night I spent hours running over negative thoughts in a repetitive pattern, and felt almost helpless as my various demons chewed over my mind. One thing I avoided was making a judgment based on these thoughts though. I withheld judgment of myself, or of others throughout it. A snap judgment may have given me a slightly easier ride that night, but then I would have paid for that rigid judgment over the coming days when a reality presented itself to me that my inflexible judgment was unable to digest.

It is a very difficult thing to withhold judgment, but I guess this is the idea of just being aware of your thoughts. At times it can be quite simple, you may just have one or two slightly off thoughts that you need to deal with. But sometimes it can be much more difficult, you can find yourself bowled over with a torrent of negative thoughts. Trying to knock you off center. The thoughts that had me preoccupied last night revolved around an assumption on my part that had no place in reality. An assumption of a worst-case scenario that led me to go through in detail all the consequences of that scenario if true. Imagination can be a great thing, but at times like this, some of us do seem to have imaginations that really go into overkill.

Well, I survived the episode at least, and can move forward again now. Confident that I have some ability to handle these challenges. An important point I think that many of us miss in the modern world is belief in something beyond ourselves. And I think such a belief can help you to get through these kind of difficulties. If your belief is focused on some steady point, beyond your own ego, then there is a steady frame of reference to help you keep things in context. If all you have is belief in your self, and in your own personal goals, and in your own physical body, then what resource do you have to get through difficult mental challenges like this? I think for many they rely instead on “fake” fixes, like distractions, drugs, etc. But much better and easier is to have a belief beyond your own mind and body, to give you a steady reference point. Then you can focus on this till the turbulent waters have settled again. This way you gain from the experience, and can grow as a human being.

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