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Breaking Chains

December 9, 2016

Nothing much to say, I am placed at others whim

no autonomy, except in my isolated mind.

It’s pretty bleak and its pretty grim,

I can see, but may as well be blind.

Banished from the world of touch,

my eyeballs enviously scan my surroundings

desperate for a closeness to which to clutch,

but my mind and body hopelessly rebounding.

This realm is beyond my reach

in a mirror world where others live and are happy

I can only watch on and preach

about the ills and wrongs of this world so crappy.

Banished by myself, banished by others,

banished by sisters, banished by brothers.

banished by fathers, banished by mothers.

The lonely voice of reason among the insane,

goes crazy because he refuses to play the game.

Well so it be and so it has been,

in the future maybe something different can be seen.

I can only hope and believe, carry on, on my path

I may not succeed, I may not have the last laugh.

One against many I am likely to fail.

My blood grows thin, my body pale.

The strain unbearable of an impossible fight,

no end to the suffering in sight.

Stoically I continue on with principles gone rusty

eating bread gone stale, bitter and crusty.

I still try, I still have moments of care

I still want to live, breathe and dare.

Break the boundaries of my self imposed chains

my self inflicted wounds and refrains.

There is life in my soul yet

to remove that lingering sense of regret.

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