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December 17, 2016

Nothing ever stays right for very long

the lyrics to my souls sorry sorry song.

One days illusion of joy and happiness

shattered by the next days grind so thankless.

One moments reassuring calm and peacefulness

disturbed by the next moments insult so heartless.

I try, I try, I try, but I try too hard

I take it all on, become deeply scarred.

While others sweep over the surface

with seeming mystery and purpose.

It all seems empty and hollow to me

but it’s no satisfaction to be alone and free.

Maybe my freedom is the illusion

maybe I am the one suffering delusions.

I don’t doubt it one little bit

yet my illusion is like chewing on grit

while others choose a happier one

on which their focus to be shone.

A brightness where I only have the dark

they have lightness to my weight, the contrast is stark.

Painful, gut-wrenching, disabling, deadening

Little much left to give, sorrowful, saddening.





From → Poetry, Spirituality

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