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Out of Steam

December 22, 2016

Vulnerability, the prerequisite

for life, love, all that meaningful shit.

So much trust to be placed outside my control

in the hands of those who could crush my soul.

I don’t know if I can do it, though I have no choice,

can I find amongs this vast crowd my own voice?

I keep focused on the passion that drives me on.

The closeness, my light on which to be shone.

Not here at present, not likely soon

maybe only once in a blue moon.

I struggle to find my place

I struggle to keep up the pace

I don’t know where I went, what I am

what I lost, or why I still give a damn.

I only know that I am still here

flickering like a beacon on a distant pier.

Maybe to be found, maybe to be lost

I may run aground and pay the ultimate cost.

It is all burst asunder, up in the air

and I have little more energy left to spare.





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