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A Final Kick in the Teeth

December 28, 2016

One final kick in the teeth,

prolongs this needless grief.

One last insult to the list.

Yes, God, I am getting the gist.

You have decided to make of my life.

An hellacious and diabolical strife.

One parting blow for the year,

a last evil grin and sneer.

Shooting me in the heart of the chest,

down deep to my stomach

no saving bullet-proof vest,

no, no such luck.

I must really have done something bad

in a previous existence,

for you to now be so mad

and offer perpetual resistance.

To any attempt I make,

any glimpse of happiness

any time these demons I shake

you soon bite back with extra snappiness.

Well fuck you and fuck fate

you ain’t worth the shit you throw at me

you’re not so special or great

you’re just a blood sucking flee.

Jumping from victim to victim

sucking the innocent dry.

Letting the cheats and liars win

leaving us nothing but to cry.

You have crossed a line of no return

with me, that is the end.

I will stand and watch you burn

as into hell we all descend.


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