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Thanks 2016

December 28, 2016
Thank you 2016 for throwing shit in my face,
Thank you for ending in disgust and disgrace.
You took and you took, till you could take no more
till you had me dying and choking on the floor
You gave nothing in return, just sadness and sorrow
selfish concerns and good intentions so hollow.
You burdened me with your worries,
with your hurries and your scurries.
You promised me one thing,
and delivered the opposite with a sting.
You took all my love and all my good feeling
spewed it out like nothing, to this end revealing
The true self remaining, hate-filled and disgusted
never to be loved and never to be trusted.
Wandering alone, wondering forever,
When I may get to begin my own endeavor.
Not wasting my time as another’s sidekick
as an after thought, the last one to be picked.
Out of pity alone and nothing more
to make up numbers, not even the score.
The unwanted, unwelcome family fool,
the useless, despised, inconvenient tool.
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