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Caged Animal

December 30, 2016

I need this passion and energy to take into 2017, I need to remember where I have been and where I can be again if I have the courage to put myself in the right situations.



Waiting, watching, my eyes devour all who look

dare to move closer, you will come unstuck

the zoo keeper has me drugged up,

but that is not nearly enough.

My body may lie placid and peaceful,

but behind my eyes lies a fury never dulled

a burning rage, a revengeful desire

a pounding heart never set  to expire

Look if you dare, into the eyes of pure hate

controlled and focused and willing to endure and wait

for my chance that will surely come

to destroy all in my reach under the sun

I am ready to pounce, take your chance if you will

destruction to me is the purest of thrills.

The lookers-on move along, curiosity mixed with fear

they know it is wrong, but still they edge nearer

A grab and a swipe, and at the sight of blood

the cage swings open, the emotions flood.

It all…

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