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January 13, 2017

Expelled from human society

banished from the human touch

filled with worry and anxiety

it all gets too much.

Surrounded by shadows, echoes from my past,

when placed among others.

Haunted by demons and ghosts,

when alone trying to recover.

No peace, no way out

no rest, no way in.

I can scream and I can shout

but no one can expunge my sin.

Missed chances, absent joy

hopeful answers to which I cloy.

The world has made its decision

the world has consigned me to hell.

I wait for the final excision,

my judgement and doom to spell.


  1. I hope you can pull yourself out- it sounds like you are really hard on yourself- if this is about you

    • Thanks, it’s been a tough few months really, it just seems to be one thing after another, I just have switched off emotionally to people as only way to cope. A part of me is far away just watching things pass by, I need to pull myself together somehow

      • I do that too – I just turn it off – people have told me this before I even realize I’m doing it. It numbs the pain – I completely understand the feeling. The only thing that has ever helped me through it is holding on to something I love- this is going to sound silly – but holding my cat really helps sometimes- or talking to someone who cares about me – I wish you well and just know that you are not really alone – ❤

      • Thanks for the support, its comfort to know I am not alone going through these kind of things. I don’t really have anyone to turn to right now, so I need to find something positive atleast to hold on to, as you say, to get through it. Sorry to hear you have similar experiences, I hope you can find a way through them also.

  2. Well you can email me if you want to. Maybe talking to someone who has similar reactions to things might help.

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