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Thoughts on Some Books

January 14, 2017

I have been dabbling with, and dipping in and out of various books lately, so I thought I would share my thoughts on some of them:

The 21 Golden Rules of Cosmic Ordering, has been a nice little book to turn to, just to read a rule or two each morning to give me something to think about. It’s got a positive focus about our place in the world and helps you to think these things through for yourself.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton has been a mind opening experience to read. There is a lot in it, but the basic idea is to do with epigenetics, and how we are not determined/fated in our behavior and characteristics by the genes in the nucleus of our cells, but often the more important factor is how we interact with our environment and how this effects gene expression. And he further says that since how we perceive the environment effects this also, our beliefs about the environment our a key factor in how our genes will express themselves all the way down to the cellular level. Thus just be believing we are in a positive environment we will switch on cells for growth.

The Immortalization Commission is the ideas of John Gray on how this notion of pursuing human immortality has come to be a strange fetish with many. We extend life as far as possible, we see longevity as the sole value of any worth. And we have come to see death as the enemy. John Gray, shows the origins of this sentiment, and exposes its irrationality, and that we are much better off seeing and accepting death as part of the natural cycle of life.

These books have appealed to me lately for various reasons. I am trying to work on being more positive in my thoughts about myself in the world and society, and I am trying to get to grips with accepting the possibility of death due to a close loved one who is currently in a battle with cancer. The biology of belief book has just hit home with some of my own thoughts on evolution and genetics from my own experience and reading on the subject and put them in a nice succinct manner.

What interesting books are any of you reading at the moment?


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