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Doomed Civilization

January 15, 2017

I see a divided world with little hope of healing

A failed experiment in multicultural dealing

A nihilistic elite pushing us into cultural decay

garnering a lack of belief beyond pleasures today.

We care only for our current desires,

we care not what in our society transpires.

I say this as a victim of the selfsame process,

the source of my personal anger and distress.

Lured and trapped by our own selfish vanity,

the sacred is gone, leaving only profanity.

A common melee, an orgy of destruction

with no idea or plan for future construction.

I see all this, and I say it in woe,

there is nowhere else for humanity to go.

Until we can unite and find some belief

there will never be any long term relief.

Just small scale virtue signalling and moral posturing

of a generation whose only faith is in what the future may bring.

Under the auspices of technology, from our idols, the elite,

who will shower wealth and comfort down at our feet.

Well, don’t hold your breath, this faith is misplaced,

it will soon enough be brought down and disgraced.

They don’t care for you near as much as their idol perch

they will sacrifice you all, leave you all in the lurch.

Rather than be brought down with you to the common muck,

where most of us currently find ourselves stuck.

No hopes, no joy, not even the dignity of some belief

Just endless do-goodery and shame and guilt relief.

Followed by passive intake of media lies

that only aid the elites thin disguise.

We take it all in, we are nothing but pawns

and all I can do is sit here and heap on scorn.

Awareness is not going to be a game changer

its more a crippler and emotional deranger.

It’s all part of the plan, its all part of our doom,

into which we are relentlessly being groomed.




  1. Hey I didn’t get your email on my phone – but I got it on my Mac- so I just emailed you back

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