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The Population Problem

January 23, 2017

Basically all the hostility, division, gender politics, identity politics, immigration problems, terrorism, of our generation our no more than symptoms of the population and demographic problems that Western societies face. I say specifically western, as it is the western world and its science that has made it it’s quest to extend lives, to remove health and poverty problems etc. You may say, well what the heck is wrong with those projects? They seem pretty good and virtuous?

Indeed they do, but they are good and virtuous in the face of a sheer population problem that we have turned a blind eye to. As if, good deeds can save us from basic economic, material and physical realities. Of course they cannot, and so we have a big problem. We have no strategy to deal with this problem, for all our strategies are geared towards projects that only make this problem worse exponentially with each year.

So lets talk about how it leads to gender politics. Women and men, now competing more on the job market, rather than cooperating in the raising of children and families. This is all created by the population problem, due to less children, birth control measures, and a focus on sex as a purely fleeting pleasurable activity with no sense of long term commitments as in marriage, due to the ease of divorce.  etc.. Immigration: well that is just too obvious, based on the demographic problem, its clear where that problem, and then the terrorism come from. Identity politics: people revert to their own little identity groups for some sense of belonging and purpose, now that community and culture have been destroyed. And culture and community have been destroyed because they promote fertility and high-birth rates that go against the population limitations we face.

The global elite, I expect are fully aware of these growing problems. This is why they are wrestling control from nation-state democracies currently, to ensure they have the power and control necessary to do what they will have to do when things start to spiral out of control with the identity politics, immigration problems etc.. causing growing civil unrest. So they can, with the aid of the mainstream media, lead us masses all over the cliff willingly when called upon.

The recent political events are most likely only going to add to divisions in our society. Maybe some new sense of culture and community can emerge to “trump” the small-minded identity politics and small visioned liberal do-goodery of the many. But I think it is unlikely, it is more likely to only be a hollow nationalism, and as mentioned before, vibrant culture and community promote high birth rates always and this is simply what the world can’t handle. And without that the only other option is more and more dissatisfied youth, and more and more of a demographic problem.

None of these ideas do I claim to be definitive, but it’s where my thoughts are currently leading me. I don’t think anyone is going to address the problem, as any group that tries to, will be the first to be eliminated, as other groups will take advantage of their good nature to outbreed them with more younger people. The result I think is likely to be the end of our human civilization, barring some unprecedented technological advances, or some expansion in human awareness which simply won’t work unless all expanded their awareness at the same time. But this is simply not happening.

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