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Dismayed with Liberals and Liberal media

January 27, 2017

This poem is a bit of a mishmash of my feelings about various things. Primarily it’s about my sense of loneliness caused by the beliefs I have about things, which means I feel there is not many people I can share them with, and about my conviction that a certain liberal culture is very dangerous to our society: (I am not saying all aspects of liberal ideas are wrong, I used to be very much a liberal in the J.S. Mill tradition myself, but I just feel right now that something has really gone wrong with a certain section of societies liberal values, whereby, far from liberating people, it is imprisoning people in group think, and polarised identity-politics.)

Disheartened and dismayed.

Events repeated and replayed.

No consoling thought or belief.

No rest, relaxation or relief.

Surrounded by enemies,

people who do not understand.

Crippled by infamy,

no one ever lends me a hand.

Scared to speak my mind,

in case I offend the ignorant and the blind.

Scared to raise my voice,

to those who insist I have no choice.

Moral bigotry is everywhere,

why should I bother to share,

with those who have already judged,

and are desperate to hold a grudge.

I have no one who will protect me,

no independence from this liberal spree,

this hate-filled, guilt-tripping wreck,

consuming me like a blemish, a mere speck.

But I know that they are wrong,

that truth never enters their song.

They only play emotion provoking games,

to fill us all up with shame.

This tactic only drags us all down,

the grievances go round and round

destroying all sense of value in life,

as we alternate boredom and blind strife.

I don’t want my culture to die,

I don’t want my community hollow,

so liberals I can only say bye bye,

where you go, I will not follow.

If I am isolating myself, then so it must be,

I don’t want to be part of your club.

I want to be spiritually independent and free,

so you will just have to deal with the snub.

I don’t want your “progress”, the values you make up on a whim,

of your false claims to universality, I am full to the brim.

And for your pandering to other cultures, and shame of your own.

I see you as treacherous vultures, who I must simply disown.

  1. This is a freaking awesome poem Jon. Wow – amazing

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