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Dumb People on Display

January 28, 2017

People are just dumb, it really makes me sad.

It makes my head numb, as they chase the latest fads.

They preach universal humanity, to get their virtue signals done

but when the world has gone to shit, they discard the webs they spun.

Fickle messages of peace with no force of belief,

are slippery as grease, and darkness lies underneath.

The world is becoming a fake show to most,

a place to cheat, deceive and boast.

As long as they lever themselves upwards,

they feel safe from the coming floods.

If you really cared for humanity, you would see this notion has a cultural background,

it did not come from your abstract vanity, it came from values people found.

It is not a simple concept to throw around without discern,

its a standard we should not take for granted, it should be a great concern.

But I do not see this on display, I do not see real grind.

I see falseness in grand array, spread by the weak-minded and the blind.

  1. I agree and wrote similarly the other day.

    Clearly we are losing it.

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