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Human Values

January 28, 2017

I really don’t think I can stress enough how philosophically and intellectually misguided are these notions of universal humanity and humanity in the abstract. They lead us to expect men and women to be the same, they lead us to plunder local indigenous cultures, in favour of our wonderful humanistic imperial standards. They lead us to draw arbitrary lines as to when a fetus suddenly magically becomes a human being, with all the rights etc. In general it sets a totalitarian standard of expectation that we are all forced to comply with. And it claims this as a grand moral principle. It forces religions to act in line with its values, and so gradually erodes their significance. It does all this and more. Many will even claim these are good “progressive” consequences. The fact of the matter is, men and women are different, we should embrace these differences. Cultures and nations are different, we should embrace these differences. We have to find a new way to tolerate differences in values without this crippling fear we all have that any difference is going to lead to war, and maybe to the war to end all wars. We cannot live in fear of affirming our own values, this is no way to live with dignity. You will be purely reacting to whoever is able to plant the greatest fear, and most immediate threat in your mind, and you will be pulled around like a rag doll, until you are completely emptied out of your internal values, like a pinata. Abstract humanity, devoid of content, is not an answer to our problems, it will not bring peace, it will only bring inertia and ennui, and an awful lot of resentment and placeless anger, brought on by how disempowered people feel not being able to affirm themselves. Humanity is and should be a diverse patch quilt of ideas, beliefs and opinions, not a uniform mindset enforced because we are all too scared to step out of line, fearing consequences. Such an abstract humanity is less than human, it is beneath our human dignity. We must move past this negative fear of the implications of affirming our values. We must not feel guilt, shame or fear. We must affirm what we believe and what we value for this is the very basis of being a human being.

  1. You are very smart Jon and passionate about this

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