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No More Shit

March 3, 2017

All you stupid fuckers, you will pay, of that I guarantee

I sit and take your crap, too scared to be me.

But equally hateful of you, and your dumb ways.

Your predictable trash you throw every day.

I may not have yet found my voice,

I may be lost and without much choice.

But I have plenty determination to put you right.

I will bide my time,  but I will end this blight.

You think you can put me down,

you think you can put me in my place.

I wait and watch till I am about to drown.

Then I burst forth and end this disgrace.

This world is full of manipulators, they think I do not know

But I am fully aware, of all the shit on me you bestow.

This vessel will only take so much crap

so be ready, I am preparing to call it a wrap.


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