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Civil Society

March 4, 2017

Each relationship with another in the adult world

a cynical, strategical battle,

of manipulation and counter manipulation.

It makes me feel sick,

it pains my heart.

It tires my mind.

I am not interested in games,

its tame when you win,

the prize is never worth the stress,

its futile when you lose.

But this society of isolated individuals,

all the same,

replaceable units in a global theme park.

Gives us no other option but to resort to such shallow strategies.

We are lacking community, culture, shared beliefs and values.

We have nothing left but to make an instrumental calculation,

to use others as means to our ends.

Capitalism did not get us here alone,

civil society provided an area for thriving.

It’s the capitalism/state combination that is killing us.

The state consumes civil society,

no more active community participation,

all enforced action driven by fear.

We act out of fear of our own personal security,

not out of love of our community.

The over-sized welfare state has created this,

in tandem with Capitalism.

Lets be clear what the problem is,

lets not be sheep herded around anymore.

We are not all the same, we are not replaceable units.

We are diverse culturally, and we can never be replaced.

The selfish competition state is not the natural one,

it is one created by dependence on fear of an authoritarian state,

fear of stepping out of line.

Fear of speaking to others in the community as yourself.

Putting on fake masks of contentment and assurity.

Each day we engage like this,

we are contributing to the destruction of civil society,

in favor of an over grown state telling us how to think and act.

Enforced behind the scenes by a shady elite of master manipulators.

The fight back can only happen when we start relating to each other in our community in a civil way.

In a reasonable manner that doesn’t rush to take offence when presented with facts and differing opinions.

This situation we are in is at a critical point.

We can continue passive and give in to the totalitarianism.

Or we can fight back by being brave,

willing to accept causing offence with your free speech,

willing to raise awkward but real social issues.

Willing to run the gauntlet of the moral bigots,

thrusting their hateful labels at you, claiming you are hateful.

The hypocrites, and the dishonest.

The people with no integrity and no self awareness,

except when it suits their manipulative  agenda.

Blind to anything that cannot be used as a means to their ends.

These people are hardly human at all.

They are borderline robots and zombies.

We must resist this homogeneity of thought and ideas.

We must resurrect civil society,

through insurrection of the state and its attack on our basic freedoms and values.

This specifically means the state funded media, and the education system.

They must be exposed, they must be held accountable to civil society,

to civil discussion, to open and reasonable debate.

That some of them shut down their comment sections in their news articles,

should be a clear sign to us, of their unwillingness to engage civil society.

They are speaking not to us, but at us, not with us, but against us.

The comment sections were often exposing this and undermining the clear and transparent agenda of the main article,

so they shut it down.

This is what they do, this is the way of authoritarianism, of manipulation by elite.

If we want a democracy in more than just name, we need an engaged civil society.

If we don’t want a democracy, lets be honest about it, be honest that you are scared and prefer slavery.

Just either way, no more lies.

No more lying to ourselves,

no more lying to others about who we are.

No more disingenuous dishonesty about our opinions.

No more squirming around and hiding from ourselves,

hiding from our true face,

No more selling our souls to the devil.



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