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March 18, 2017

You have no idea how much I have held back,

to be polite, respectful and nice.

You have no idea of the rage in me,

Often my blood runs cold as ice.


I am waiting for the right moment,

for my chance to put you all to rights,

to end this sick torment

and end these dark nights.

To light up in flames across the sky,

burn down this sham society.

Extinguish all these sick and twisted lies

that leave me nothing but anxiety.


Leave all this degenerate parade behind.

The back-handed passive aggression,

the crude the dumb and the blind.

The pointless distractions and digressions.


For once face what you have done,

you soul destroying worms,

with your games and your fun,

no more, away will you squirm,

as I pull the trigger of this gun,

and end your decadent term.


I will watch with relish as you turn cold,

now you know what lies deep in my soul,

hatred, disgust of all you filth and scum,

of my sympathy you won’t get a crumb.


Run while you still can.

I know you won’t face me,

all the horizon I scan…

you are fake, fickle, imaginary.

From → Poetry, Spirituality

  1. Wow – you are really flipping angry buddy.

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