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March 26, 2017

The good moments pass by, I wait for the come down,

the next woe to befall me, the next chance to frown.

Trying to avoid complacency, to not relax

it is always then, that someone attacks.

Caught unawares, caught off guard,

emotions ruffled, my equilibrium jarred.

I seem only happy in blankness, a lazy haze.

Living in a busy-body world, I am quite easily phased.

The next rusher round the corner, pushes me along

as I am about to sit and enjoy the calm, soothing song,

of the birds, up in the bright blue sky,

or at least I was going to try.

In comes the next distraction,

requiring my preplanned ritual reactions.

I watch on, closely I listen and wait.

But the song is gone, I am too late.


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