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Patriarchy? Misogyny? You tell me

April 12, 2017

Woman, the Janus faced creature

uses the good man for security

uses the bad man for sex.

No loyalty to a man,

only to a plug to fill her hole,

be it a baby or a stiff rod.

She loves the idea of reforming the bad man

she does not want the reality though

of the reformed good man.

Such a man is of no service to her.

She must have the moral higher ground,

in any relationship with a man,

it is how she has power.

For she does not possess the focus,

determination, or physical capabilities of the man.

Take her moral high ground away,

and she has no escape from the man,

she must always have a way out,

a legitimate excuse to tell herself and others

for she knows no loyalty to man,

only to a temporary servicer of her babies.

The good man will never get his due,

the good man will always face treachery.

Integrity is absent in the heart of a woman,

and a man who wants a woman’s heart,

will do well to discard his morality.

A woman cares not for well considered goodness,

only for impulsive bloodiness,

that she can manoeuver around

and some day send off the cliff.

A man is condemned to die justifiably,

all our weeping is reserved for innocent women and children.



(I don’t claim any rationality to these ramblings, but I do claim some reality to them. I find these thoughts coming up regularly lately, and I need to find some way to get them out of me, for they are festering in my mind. Reading it through now, perhaps my anger is that I have been given this lie of trying to be a good person that has failed me every time when it comes to a relationship scenario. I know many can compartmentalise outer image and inner reality, for me there is no such compartmentalisation. I can’t spout myself as good and then be bad in private or vice versa, portray a bad image then be good in private. If I am good, I am good the whole way through, If I am bad I am bad the whole way through. This condemns me to the scrap heap of human relationships. I am either an open book or a tightly closed trap, there is no happy medium. I can limit the outer effects of this, I can have less attachment to each transition, but still the basic reality of it remains.)





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