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In my dream

April 13, 2017

In my dream last night

you were alive and well

you came back to life

you rose when you once had fell.

We worried over you,

but you got up and walked unaided,

you told us not to worry,

you could look after yourself again now.

You were filled with care free joy,

optimism that no fear could destroy.

I was happy once again,

no longer alone facing this futile life.

Hope was restored, my mind finally at ease…

Waking from this dream was hard.

I didn’t want to accept it was just a dream

I cursed being woken up,

but if I hadn’t. I may not have remembered the dream.

In some time I accepted once again what was real

a bittersweet experience no doubt,

but still a worthwhile one,

to feel that you were really alive again,

and that you could look after yourself,

and that we need no longer worry over you.

One dream I certainly won’t forget.


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