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General Election – The Paucity of Left Wing Ideology

May 9, 2017

With a snap election being called here in the UK, I decided to take the opportunity to get some books out the library covering some of the main political parties ideas, beliefs and history. There is an awful lot of hype, demonisation and other such things going on in the media of the various parties and their leaders. But I intend to look behind this to the substance of their ideas.

UKIP have a difficult task given they have got what they wanted with Brexit. Labour are still struggling to regain any trust among their traditional voting base. Liberal Democrats have set a clear stall out that they are all about being the pro EU party. And through all this the Conservatives seem to be the only credible choice in theory, for myself. As a person who voted Brexit and who does not trust the Labour party. Unless I was to vote UKIP as a pure protest vote.

Either way it would be the first time I was to vote for a right wing party. Going to show the lack of substance currently in left-wing ideas I think. The left-wing parties may often mean well, they may try to do something for everyone. But this very naivety that we can help everyone, seems to me to be the idea that has become dated, and is no longer trusted. Alongside the rush to occupy the center ground, appealing only to middle class educated people. And the mass influx of immigration since the time of Tony Blair, has left a lot of people disaffected. The people left behind by this rush to embrace all things globalisation and integration, and multiculturalism and pluralism, remain as seeing the downsides for national identity and national culture of all of this.

The problem for parties making a supposed universal, cosmopolitan appeal, is they are effectively undermining national identity on principle. They are asking people to vote for the rights of future immigrants, often over the rights of their own children, and this kind of altruism is simply an unrealistic motivating force for people. Is this in some ways a crisis for the very notion of a purely secular state? I think it is indeed this. This whole ideological edifice is tumbling in the face of the reality of human motivations and human self-interest.

As it currently stands, a vote for Conservatives is a vote for national self interest, a vote for Labour is a vote for the disadvantaged groups, minorities, and the supposed “globe’s” interest, a vote for Liberal Democrats is a vote for the EU, and a vote for UKIP or the Green Party is a protest vote against the main parties either on the right or the left. How can Labour expect to win when they are not trusted to represent our national interest, instead they claim to represent everyone from some moral high ground? I think it’s an impossible and unrealistic task.

One of the books I am reading, Back to the Future of Socialism, by Peter Hain in 2015, shows that Labour are still caught up on many principles of a purely secular ideology, that will only further play into the hands of global elites and interests and against national interests, and is the very thing that makes people untrustworthy of labour. If left-wing parties never actually deliver greater economic equality when in power, why would anyone trust that their claims of equality are anything more than just pure ideological froth.

Labour needs to move away from this outdated socialist cosmopolitan, secular “progressive” approach, and towards focusing on addressing the concerns of current British citizens and current British values. Unless it frames its policies in a nationalistic sense it will never be trusted not to simply sell the British people out again when in power to globalist economic forces.

Gone are the days of enlightenment, gone are the days of cosmopolitanism, and universal equality. These are no longer realistic ideologies in a ruthless self-serving global market. The only option is an appeal to people of ideas that will motivate them to act in their own interest. Not by trying to shame them into some supposed altruistic motive. This kind of thing does not motivate people, far from that, it motivates people to oppose it, who resent being made to feel shame for daring to do the thing we all do naturally as human beings, which is to put our own interests first.

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