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My Obsessive Mind

June 2, 2017

I can’t shake it, my obsessive mind,

I must analyse something till it is dead,

till there is no life remaining to find,

till the sparkle and the vibrance have fled.

I can’t snap out of it, I can’t break free.

With each effort I dig a deeper hole.

All who I touch, I turn to cold ice,

I must keep my distance, to save me from this vice.

I can’t help myself, my compulsive obsession,

I must control others, and deny my own weakness

I must engage in complete self repression.

no joy, spontaneity, love or sweetness.

I can’t, but I must, I must shake out the bad vibes

the negativity, the self suffocating diatribes.

It is killing me, and all that I touch,

soon there will be nothing left to clutch.




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