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Cultural Death

October 22, 2017

So western civilisation is collapsing, this is the unavoidable premise.

The conclusion? The world may be better off in our demise.

They can take the good we provided without the bad

no thanks, no gratefulness, of course not, there is never such,

people are opportunists, people never respect the trend setters.

Once they have set the trend, others can displace them.

This is the reality, this is what will happen,

unless western civilisation decides to fight back,

and take us all out in a nuclear wipeout.

I feel indifferent to either result,

as both entail the death of my culture,

and by proxy, the death of me.

Unless I can break out of my cultural binds,

maybe, possibly, though very unlikely,

too little on offer, too much to lose.

We will see, we will see,

we had a good innings,

now we are displaced,

by those we set free.


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