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Mainstream Media

November 3, 2017

Where did things go so wrong with the media? I have seen for a long time how things have steadily got worse over the years with the mainstream media. More contrived and uniform in their narrative, more blatant in their manipulation of people into line with that narrative. They have clearly worked hard to master the science of mass manipulation of people. From what ideology to get people to promote, to what emotional reaction for people to have to certain terms or to certain people in the public eye.

And I am seeing the ability of people to be self aware and critical of this process lessen and weaken with each passing year. It alternately frustrates, worries and depresses me to see what is happening. This I think is where it is mainly going wrong. The media have got much better at the science of mass manipulation of people in line with ideologies and narratives, and people have got much worse at critical thinking. The depressing thing I struggle with is I am not even sure it is better that everybody be aware of these deceptions. Maybe they are better off in the ignorant bliss of their ideologies and narratives served up for them by the media.

The recent introduction of much alternative media on the internet has, or had, temporarily opened up peoples minds a bit more. But I think that period is already waining now. Via censorship, via intimidation, via various smear campaigns of “fake” news, people have lately settled more than ever into polarised narratives equally blind to truths that the other side can present to them.

The end result is that there is no shared notion of truth in our society anymore. Just one tribe of beliefs against another, and its a case of choosing your tribe. Or if you refuse to choose one, face being marginalised from the whole debate and from the whole society. I don’t know what the solution to this difficulty is. I could promote critical thinking, of course, naturally with my background this would be my angle, but I don’t really know that would be a solution for everyone to think critically. When have we ever had a society of critical thinkers? Maybe I can open a small number of peoples minds up, maybe. I don’t know, but it seems slim pickings among a massive worldwide problem.

I don’t much like to think in terms of good, evil and such things. But I really do feel there is an evil force, or an evil group of people currently running our society, and it is bound to end in collapse for us all sooner or later if we do not stand up against them. The difficulty is finding “them”. Where are they in society? They hide of course, the true power in society always hides behind the scenes. But I feel their presence in the manipulative ways of the mainstream media. There is something sociopathic about the way in which they manipulate people. I feel their presence in aspects of our society, such as extreme unequal wealth, and reliance on resources such as oil. I feel their presence in the pharmaceutical approach to medicine. I feel their presence in over extended welfare states that are controlling more and more aspects of peoples lives. From what they should believe in, what ideology they should adopt, to what type of education they should get, to what things they should be allowed to say even in public. The evil is infecting us in many areas and from many sides, and it feels at times almost impossible to stand up to it.

But I think this, I guess, is still what must be done, even if the odds are not looking good. Even if most people currently are still happy with this current state of affairs. Because things are on a bad trajectory, and big changes are going to be needed in our whole outlook and our thinking about the world to alter that. Complacent people who think we can just continue riding a wave of technological progress are in for a rude awakening. This naive optimism is now well outdated.

In one direction we can have a move to more nationalistic movements to secure national representation of people. I.e democracy, with all the dangers of course that brings in terms of wars between nations etc.. In the other direction we have a continued path of “globalisation” and global governance where we will be sacrificing many of our democratic rights because our votes will be increasingly worthless in this system. And we will be reliant on the benevolence of the technocrats to have our best interests in minds. I think both have a lot of dangers, but my sense of the evil of our current powerful figures in society tends to make me extra sceptical of the globalist latter route. Maybe there is some other direction but it is difficult to make advances and find openings there, given how polarised the debate currently is, and given how the two sides refuse to engage in reasonable debate with each other. So here is some where we need to start making changes: dialogue, reasonable dialogue and debate between adult human beings. I hope we can achieve this sooner rather than later and brush aside the mainstream medias polarising narratives and hate-baiting narratives, and brush aside the infantile political correctness safe space, rushing to take offence or play victim approach. For instance, maybe there is a way for global governance to be accountable to people with changes to the system. But for that to get started we will need to not have the wealth of the world concentrated in such a small number of people. For with such a concentration of wealth, accountable governance will never happen.

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