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Philosophy – A Recap

November 5, 2017

I have not spent much time looking over my philosophical development lately. So I did a bit of reading of some of my ideas from a few years ago, and it helped me to make sense of how I got to where I am today. So I am going to make an attempt at explaining that to other people on here.

I had tended to think there is this schism in my views where I suddenly realised the error of my liberal ways, and became more conservative. But looking back on my ideas I can see that this development is far from a random schism and is actually a reasonable, rational and coherent continuation of my past views.

I have always, for instance, been suspicious of post modern trends in thought. From very early on in my time at university onwards. So basically as soon as I became aware that such a trend of thought existed. I know today a lot of post modern liberal style thinkers at universities live in such an echo chamber they can hardly imagine an alternate point of view. And so they presume any other view must be non-intellectual, and I had even come to think maybe my view must be non-intellectual, and so I almost abandoned the whole intellectual approach to looking at the world. But looking through my notes from years ago I feel I have found a way to reincorporate an intellectual outlook in to my current perspective.

It begins with the realisation, and this is something I have long been aware of, that the secular state has downsides. To many it is an article of faith that the secular state is a good thing. And the liberals of today, are so opposite to what being liberal meant in the past, as they basically take the view that the state is a good thing, and it can be trusted to be a force for the good. Be it through welfare measures, global organisations like the EU and the UN, or through technology, or through science, or medicine. Long taken for granted as forces for good, many are awakening to the dangers some of these things possess. But often without I think seeing it in a general framework of criticism of the secular state. For this it seems is something we still inevitably require to continue its growing influence in all aspects of our lives. From day one with birth control and birth in hospitals, to education in early years, to mainstream media in formative years alongside education, to political ideologies as we get older, to care when we get even older still.

But clearly this is not something that can just carry on and on. Centralised state control gets to a point where nation states are even overridden by higher central powers, and these are not democratically elected even in a formal way, but are just purely beholden to powerful economic interests of the wealthy elite. The secular state as a bad thing is a theme throughout my ideas all my adult life. Yes it has certain benefits when it is controlled and democratically elected and representative, but it has already got way past that point. The alternative is simply what it always has been, we must learn to relate better among each other in more natural ways, so that we have to rely less on top down state bureaucratic ways and means, that are not healthy for individuals or communities or the general culture in the middle to long term.

I intend to fill out the details of this more in future posts, this has just been a preamble to give a flavor of where my thinking currently is.

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