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State Expansion

November 13, 2017

The more divided we are, the more state interference is justified to keep the peace. So the state is quite happy to polarise people right now, as is its lap dog, the mainstream media. The less we are able to get along among ourselves, the more justified they are in coming and interfering with our lives. Terror attacks, wars, crime, hatred and distrust. It all feeds in to the narrative that says we must depend on the state from the cradle to the grave. From how babies must be born, to vaccines we must take, to identity documents we must possess, to centralised education we must rely on, to media we rely on to make up for loneliness, to police and army we must rely on to protect us from violence, to a state subsidised economy that we must work as a part of. They now even are destroying the family unit, promoting single parents, demoting family values, turning young against old, undermining cultural traditions and practices, and turning women against men. Each aspect of our social relationships that we can no longer manage ourselves, the state comes in to grasp more power and manage our relationships for us.

Alongside this, on the international level, global powerful and rich individuals have formed a cabal so that they no longer need to rely on national boundaries, and can pick the cheapest labour from where ever they desire. The end result is puppet leaders of our countries, and no real national sovereignty. This joint movement of a pretence of the spread of worldwide socialism comes alongside the rise of an elite oligarchy whom we are supposed to depend on to act benevolently. On each and every level personal sovereignty is being taken away from us under a guise of morally superior motives. Where, when it all reaches its conclusion, we will be completely at the mercy of the elite oligarchs who will control our births, our education, our pleasures, our pains, our relationships, our wealth, our resources, our minds, our bodies, our families and our communities.

Do we really think this path can be followed through without disastrous consequences for us all except the elite few? I don’t know where people’s trust in this system comes from, and to be honest, actually I don’t think people do trust it, they only fear it. People fear speaking out, voicing their own feelings about things. We are censored in more and more aspects of our speech, and we are controlled if not by our own fear and conscience, then by social ostracism. I would like to say I can see what the alternative direction is, but it is very difficult to see where to go right now with our society. All I know is that something is wrong and deeply corrupt and dangerous about our current path. The state is not a benevolent influence, it is not even just a benign influence, it is a malevolent force that in each aspect of our lives it controls it is chopping off a piece of our human dignity. We will end up as an unmoving, unthinking lump, hooked up to the internet and other technological devices. This is the passive and pacified endgame they have in mind for us.

It won’t last, of course, this is just another misguided ideology, another short-lived dystopia. For we are at the mercy right now of the perverted vision of an elite group of people and the best thing we can do is to prove them wrong with little victories in our own lives. Prove that we can relate to other people peacefully without relying on law and order to keep us in line. Prove that we can form community movements without state subsidies required, and then in the future maybe we can get bigger victories. Make education a community provision like it once was, get our government officials to serve the people again not their elite donors and lobbiers, allow the media to have an independent voice once more, motivated by conscience, not by an agenda to control people through a fixed mono-narrative and through divisive political coverage. These things will come much later, for now we can only focus on the first few steps of getting some reasonable control and integrity in our personal lives, in our families and in our local communities.

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