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Message for a left wing idiot

November 29, 2017

How come anyone politically a tad right of center is straight away an extreme right, racist, fascist, while someone who is the most extreme radical left wing, is just a liberal? What has happened to politics in the west? It has become a tribal, emotional pile of trash decided on by who virtue signals the best on twitter, facebook and other social media. People are making a living on those sites out of being an emotion provoking extremist, saying nothing of any value or content, just poking the hornets nest.

It greatly saddens me that these people are there screaming like possessed demons and rather than being criticised they are actually being coddled and having these evil instincts enabled. Do these people not realise that 99% of the time the most virtuous thing you can do is to simply do nothing? Do they not realise that the more they rant and bloviate the more the probability approaches to one that they are doing nothing but bad in this world? Who is going to shake this over-entitled, under-disciplined generation into shape?

Can they not see how hate-filled they are? All they are doing is burning the ground on which we all must stand. You can act all morally bigoted about how Trump feeds fish, or about who he retweets, all you want. What I see though is not your moral superiority, but your inferiority through your destructive envy and your hate of someone more wealthy and influential than you. Your biggest problem is not Trump, it is your hatred of yourself, and this in general is the problem on the left wing in recent times. They have got so caught up in an ideology of altruism and virtue signalling, that they forgot to give a shit about themselves. Sort out your own home before you try going around to fix others. If you cannot obey this basic principle then all your moral pronouncements are just lies, like all the “liberal” sex scandals recently. How many of them condemned Trump for talking about what women let you do, while they were forcing women/men/children to do things they didn’t want to do?

Yes I am on the conservative side of things, doesn’t mean I am straight away a racist, fascist… etc etc. Give me a god damn break, how long is this infantile name calling going to go on? It is weak, pathetic and it must come to an end soon. Grow up and realise that reality does not fit in line with simplistic do-gooding ideologies.

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