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Google – Censorship by Deflection and Misdirection

December 1, 2017

I have been getting increasingly frustrated with google search the past month or two. It seems to be getting much more difficult to get good honest search results. For instance today, I searched for non-processed, or healthy meats, and google just straightaway directs me to processed unhealthy meats. Why? Because clearly it is a current moral agenda of theirs to emphasise dangers of eating meats. Now, fair enough, this “agenda” has its place I guess, though it’s one thing being nudged towards a few results, but when all the results are like this when you searched for the exact opposite you begin to realise just how like 1984 things are getting with the way in which technology is being used to control our minds. I spent hours trying to get a straight answer on what a processed meat is and what meat is not processed, but all it kept showing me was the dangers of processed meats. When a subject has become so morally charged that you cannot find simple definitions of terms you know something has gone wrong.

I am not saying that you cannot get this information from somewhere, of course you can, what I am saying is that this is a good example of how Google simply ignores your search request and takes you to the moral message it currently wants to brainwash you with. Almost across the board if you google search any intellectual or thinker who is in the center or on the right politically, many of the top results will be attacks on that thinker by second rate bloggers usually, and maybe a couple of hit pieces from the huffington post or new york times, and of course some smear connection with “alt-right” or “racism”, particularly if they are a currently active thinker. Google a left leaning or clearly left wing intellectual and it will be mainly positive, how they are a good moral example, doing morally good or at least benign work with maybe one token negative link from some caricature source like the daily express.

Whether I am reading too much into some of this I am not sure. But I am definitely sure that is has got much tougher to get a straight answer from a google search lately. I have to contort my query into a hideous over grown shape before I finally can get to a link that their deflection tactics tried so hard to steer me away from. This sneaky and insidious brainwashing by gently pushing and swaying people towards google friendly interpretations of words, towards links they have decreed are morally correct, is a dangerous tendency that goes way beyond the old fashioned propaganda campaigns of the press. For they are now not just bombarding us with their interpretation, they are deflecting anyone who tries to interpret things differently back towards them. It used to be that that all roads lead to Rome, now what we are increasingly having is that all Google search queries lead to the current left wing moralising ideology fad and to “debunking” of any of the alternatives.



  1. Excellent example illustrating the problematic. Thanks for sharing.

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