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Rant about Censorship, Technology, Mainstream Media, etc

January 5, 2018

There is nothing in this world more pathetic than the leftist political bias proliferated by the mainstream media and by most governments, particularly here in Europe. I cannot get information on statistics about weather this December in the UK without them finding some spin in which December was actually quite a warm December, when they put it in the context of some arbitrary number of years, namely, averaging back specifically to the 80’s, which were known for being particularly extremely cold winters. All to brainwash people with their global warming agenda. And neglecting to mention the statistic I just found now after laborious searching showing it was actually colder this last December than the previous four Decembers at least, and by a significant margin. So sick of having to deal with this crap everywhere, just give me the plain fucking statistics! Not your dumb one-sided narrow minded moral vision of what you want those statistics to mean in the bigger picture.

This is one of the main reasons I want to get out of Europe. The European Union is turning Europe into something resembling what Hitler would have liked, a national socialist bloc. Controlling thought, controlling ideas, controlling every aspect of life from cradle to the grave. The next inevitable step is a drastic cut down and control of immigration, because we let it get way out of control, or some other more violent right-wing reaction. Europeans do goodery has turned it into a barren womb patrolled by flimsy guards. A place full of diseased people, crippled people, old people, no vitality, no youth besides an ungrateful loud-mouthed selection of technology dependent autistically screeching attention deficient clockwork orange potentiates.

The moralising will continue, and the truth more and more is forced to fit in line with this moral vision. Anything counter to this moral vision is to be swept under the carpet and censored, for nanny government must protect us from harsh realities. A cold winter is a sign of global warming if we just put it in certain convenient parameters. Global warming is proved by everything we do, and we should feel guilty of all the black CO2 dirt we are putting into the atmosphere. A constant guilt that can never be redeemed, a sin for which there is no penitence, but to carry on along the treadmill of lowering emissions. While China, India and the new economic powerhouses bludgeon their way ahead polluting the world with no thoughts for such weak minded moralising. Our governments have us under the thumb, for they have funded us from day one and now we must forever pay homage to them. Even agree to their lies to make them feel better about their policies.

This must end, it simply must end. The behemoth debt-ridden governments of the West need to be cut down to size. I am not going to lie to feed your over inflated ego, and I am not going to buy any of your brainwashing. If you want a fight, you have found someone who will happily die before submitting to the undignified conclusion you have planned for humanity. Mass servitude, hooked up to technology, spreading memes, mindlessly and relentlessly like an ant colony. Continued moral degeneracy and corruption. Continued fake moral virtue signalling. Continued decay of community. To the point where there is no community left, no civilisation, no true moral virtue. For we will have forgotten how to practice it, lost away in ancient musty tomes, too slow in its release of a dopamine hit for our flashy social network meme dependent minds.

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