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Finding Inner Strength

March 1, 2018

Fighting the negative overload of thoughts spinning round my mind

Distracting me from all the good there is to find.

Too much to bear, like demons they grip hold of me.

And I struggle to care, as I struggle to break free

Disinterested in my own plight. Unable or unwilling to fight.

With no forseeable end in sight. Karma waiting to bite.

All I can do is wait for them to pass by,

a hopeless passenger in a torrent of cries.

I plead, don’t be the digger of my own grave.

Don’t pick up the shovel, for once be brave.

Find new strength inside yourself

not in images painted of your wealth.

Remember what matters most, not just now but in the long term.

Remove that self-seeking, self-gratifying germ.

It may not be a final solution,

but at least its not a dissolution





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