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All of life’s a show

March 14, 2018

The perverse games that life plays with us all,

it raises us up, proud and tall

then it chops us down to a stuttering crawl.

Why does reality insist on such a fatal path

is it malicious, hell bent on wrath?

Or just looking for a cheap laugh?

What is the meaning behind this game

is there anyone we can blame?

when we create our own problems all the same.

We struggle for impossible dreams

we support hopeless, losing teams

We engage in unsustainable schemes.

All driven by hidden lusts, desires

for things we can never acquire.

for lost bountiful empires.

What a sad and tragic waste,

for it all ends absurdly in haste.

leaving an empty, bitter taste.

I like to find meaning and hope,

but I insist on keeping a real scope.

keep my dreams taut to a rope.

Perhaps no dream is ever real though

all is just for frivolous show

till into the deep black darkness we go.


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