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Real Illusions

March 27, 2018

I watch I wonder, I tear things asunder

I see the right way, but I don’t know what to say

I open up my mind, but there’s nothing there to find

If only I could see, the correct way to be.

If only I could live, and learn to forgive.

Not holding to this hate, myself to berate.

Well it may be in vain, I may well go insane.

atleast this much I learn, one day I will return

to the place it all started. where my soul was imparted.

Handed to me as a gift, that I waste away with thrift.

Cutting corners, playing safe, avoiding mourners, eschewing faith.

Always finding an excuse, one more time, my body to abuse.

In the end its all for nought, all I tried, all I sought

was an attempt to escape an illusion, wrapped and mired in deep confusion.

But the truth was near at hand, slipped through my fingers like fine sand.

That the illusion was only mine, there was reality in the design.

And I designed it all for myself, a fund of meaning and great wealth,

till my dying moments show, there is no place else to go.


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