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Karmic Choices

April 3, 2018

Difficult choices to make, an uncertain future at stake.

I simply don’t know what I want or desire.

Only when I feel the world against me conspires

do I kick into gear and get some things done.

I spark into life, like at the sound of a gun.

Only to be lulled once more into feeling safe

where once again I lose my drive, purpose and faith.

Where is the positive vision, with confidence in my decisions?

Should I try and fake it till I make it?

But I really don’t believe in that stage show shit.

I would rather be real all by myself

than a fake surrounded by fame and wealth.

There is no doubt show men can help others.

Inspire them, energise them to recover.

So what is real, my own created little space

or the public area where we merely save face?

All that calls me to action is fear

of dangers far and near.

I don’t think they are real, but they are all that is mine

so in clinging to them, I feel resigned.

One day death is going to come to me

that thing I feared around every turn

and I will think, I wasted all the time I had free

so now its time to feel the burn.

Karma is real, of that much I am sure,

but for it I know of no lasting cure.







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