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Zero Sum Life

April 4, 2018

The fight is over, the race has been run.

all hope is gone, no more laughs or fun.

I gave it my best shot, I gave it my all.

but in the end from my pedestal I must fall.

Puffed up pride, hiding deep shame

Again I lose at life’s cruel game.

Second chances, new beginnings, I have had my fill.

I am scared and alone in darkness still.

It was worth a shot,

gave it all I have got.

But I have lost all I had

and gained nothing in its stead.

Now what will I do, I am zero once more

A lifetime of trying and this remains my score.

A pathetic and sorry waste of a life

If only there could be some end to this strife.

Not soon, not likely, I have still some way to go,

to scrape the bottom of the barrel in this pitiful show.


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