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The Post-Morality Society

May 6, 2018

So I think this best describes the presumptive ideological stance of many westerners today: That we live in a “post-morality” society. And this includes features such as the following:

  1. We have no free will
  2. All our actions are motivated by power, as in the psychological analyses of Nietzsche or Freud as the characteristic examples.
  3. We are all blank slates: We have no identity or natural differences prior to cultural conditioning. Our identity is socially constructed.
  4. The only “moral” values remaining are longevity of life, wealth and lack of poverty. I.e. Staving off death and consuming products for the maximum amount of time. I.e. Not really moral values just the maximum amount of economic exploitation of us possible.
  5. Any existent differences between groups of people in wealth etc.. are due to power relations of one group oppressing the other to “keep them down”. (This logically follows from point 3. For if there are no natural differences, all differences must be created by corrupted human groups.)
  6. The only religious faith remaining is in progress and technology. Tell a member of this sect that any little thing was better in a past society, and you will immediately be labelled as an out of touch anachronism, longing for a delusional nostalgic vision of the past. They will point out only where we have progressed and put their blinkers on to the rest of reality. They see the benefits of technology and never the detriments. Or they see the detriments as so minor that they can be dismissed with no thought, so they can get back to trumpeting their faith.
  7. Some corollaries of the lack of free will: Any crime is due to mental illness by definition. Crime is maladaptive behavior. But such behavior cannot be their fault, for blame and culpability has no meaning without free will, hence their must be something wrong (maladapted) in their brain that led them to act in such a way. Any health problem requires a drug to fix it, including any mental health problem. For there is no such thing as will power or putting in effort to solve your problems. That would be oppressing an innocent victim of a mental illness. Although placebo continues to exist, it is ignored or filtered out by the ideological mindset of the post-morality society.
  8. Our society right now is at the peak of human progress, in perpetuity. The purpose of this feature is to allow people to feel proud of their society and the direction its going, and to have good trust and faith in our current experts and technocratic leaders.
  9. Lacking an internal identity, people of this ideology must find some external thing to be the source of their identity. This could be the idol of technology as previously mentioned. It could be some celebrity, famous person or actor. Or it could be their ideological beliefs themselves. Or their group identity, such as their gender, their race, their sexuality etc..
  10. Lacking any positive moral values there is one key way to morally motivate people: namely to shame them and guilt trip them. Thus, if you do not go along with this group, you are a phobe of some kind or a racist or sexist of some kind, or preferably all of the above. This ensures people toe the line even if there is nothing positive to offer in the place of this shame.
  11. Because they have no attachment to tradition and narratives of the past, and because they think narratives are actually just subjective constructions, they have to have just one ubiquitous dominant narrative controlling all of us, so they can kid themselves it is objective and not actually a narrative at all.
  12. Any deviations from this narrative are not acceptable. You are liable to be labelled as racist, alt-right, sexist, and have your views censored as offensive or hate speech if you diverge from the accepted narrative.

So there we go, that is the course we have followed to a post-morality society. Is that a society you want to be a part of? Well you may have no choice, but I think there is still some freedom from it that we would do well to preserve and defend in the face of this cult-like totalitarian ideology. My basic strategy to show my freedom from it is threefold. One, I don’t go along with the mono narrative. Two, I don’t blindly trust technocrats and “experts”. Three, I refuse to let powerful people and the media manipulate me with guilt-trips and the shame game.

But a more positive approach is needed also. And I think for this we need to return to some core moral values to place at the heart of our identity, and we need to restore free will, responsibility and rationality, as human faculties, not as mechanical reactions of a brain. For the latter belief means we tend to only be interested in manipulating peoples brains rather than in helping people to develop their faculties.

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