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Friendly Speech

May 9, 2018

When the hate speech narrative concludes its course

the only group left allowed to chat and discourse

will be the group immune to hate speech

the friendly, liberals with so much to teach.

From murdering babies to degenerate sexuality

to taking our basic human right to talk of reality

and our conscience and source of individuality.

The liberal knows what is best

better than all of the rest

filling our cities with immigrants so quick

that most of them prefer their own culture to stick.

Increasing the crime while banning the guns

being dependent on the police is so much fun

for we can trust our experts and our leaders

there is no history of them being corruption breeders.

For history doesn’t exist, we are all the same

on a production line to our ten minutes of fame.

We have no kids, too busy killing them as a mistake

too busy multiplying genders for goodness sake.

Leave us to our job, we know what is good

to take all your jobs, while with immigrants we flood.

They will do the dirty work do not worry.

To eternal death we walk slowly, no hurry.

All is very friendly, no hate left here in our insulated town

just a bunch of unconnected bombs going off, we stand strong, never frown

we are so strong and courageous in our belief

that we let others walk over us, and its a relief.

No thinking anymore, nothing but a rounded up herd

here come the executioners, vision is blurred

red, glorious red all around me

nothing else ever will I see .

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