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On the Edge of a Cliff

May 26, 2018

A precipice to either side

an uncomfortable joyride

between anger and despair

and I am constantly aware.

There is no way out of here

no escape, no chance to disappear.

I live in a narrowed down space

focused almost autistically on my own race.

No distractions, only annoyances in my path

if they don’t move aside they will face my wrath.

No room for love or care, must be kept at a distance

if it gets closer it will only meet great resistance.

My guard I will never let down,

I will not be your clown.

I will be a martyr to others hate,

before I will lovingly receive a mate.

Alone and in fear I may be

but still I believe I am free.

What I am I will take to the grave

I don’t want to be loved, I don’t want to be saved.

I don’t fit in life’s safe, regular patterned way

I enjoy the danger, the precariousness on which I sway.

It also scares me, terrifies me,

one slip and I will fall like scree.

Down the endless slope to the abyss,

the deep hole that devours anything amiss.




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