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The Fallen Phoenix

August 10, 2018

Going down in flames, the final bright light on this earth

before a 1000 years of darkness, an endless dearth.

The world is ready for a fall, an imminent collapse

we are surrounded by snares, pitfalls and traps.

And we do not deserve to carry on this way,

we live on borrowed time with each passing day.

I find myself speechless, nothing left to utter

I can only mutter, stumble and stutter.

Out of the ashes will rise a phoenix, but it is no good

it will be yet another false god asking for our blood.

We have travelled all paths of the mind

and still we remain lost, alone and blind.

We must accept, we found a dead end

there is nothing left here to defend.

The final spark of awareness, an ultimate disaster befalls

by the feminine principle, suffocating us into withdrawal.

The reduction of life to feeble and fickle play,

it is here with us to stay.

The only hope is to break out once and for sure

to face death fearlessly is the only available cure.

That will prove the point that must be made

better than any gun or blade.

It must finish and it must finish soon

before the reflected light of the moon

devours our bright source and sucks us dry

shrouding us in despair, deception and lies.

But well, oh well, too little and too late

left for me there is only fear and hate.

A permanent shadow hangs over me from this day on

never, never will I get to sing my song…






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