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The Political Left: Values and Reality

August 13, 2018

I want to begin to make an attempt to understand in more detail some of the core doctrines of the political left in politics. The easy route here would be to take some of the now standard caricatures of their positions that undermine the position as they describe it. But this would be to do an injustice to both a kind of sentiment and an ideology with a long and distinguished history.

The left in politics as we know it broadly originated some time in the 1800’s. As the masses began to acquire some political say for the first time in modern european history. Up until then the debate had been between old-fashioned liberals and conservatives. Two groups that both represented and were wholly comprised by elites and their interests.

This is the first error, let it be noted, so often made by the contemporary left when it turns this past into a racial issue of white elites exploiting non-whites. For, though of course much of this happened, it was not a project that all white people were collectively engaged in. It was an elitist project of a small elite within the western societies. It straight away ignores all the toil and heartache endured by most white Europeans through centuries of civil wars and other conflicts to get political representation for the masses.

It was this struggle that ultimately gave us the left in politics as we know it today, though of course it has gone through many transformations along the way. We do not have a marxist or communist political left anymore, though some at the extreme may still desire it. These approaches were tried and found wanting, both as economic policies and as political and culturally tolerant doctrines.

So this gets us towards a main wellspring of the political left as we see it today, partly taken from the old-fashioned elitist liberals, of tolerance. The left liberal demands tolerance for all groups in the name of a cultural melting pot, which it believes is without fail always the best approach for cultural progress of our civilisation. Now, as much as we can see this bring some benefits, can we commit to such an absolute statement as to always have faith it will lead to progress? What if reality starts to pop up some exceptions to this statement. Will the left liberal be able to see them for what they are, or will he have to pretend they are not there so he can continue in his ideological belief?

I think the latter is what we see happen most often and is one of the regrettable features of the left liberal of today.  Tolerance of minorities works well when it truly is a minority we are talking about that has otherwise little political clout. But thanks to generations of this approach we are now at a stage where minorities no longer are so powerless. It makes talking of tolerance outdated. For we are now talking about a battle between competing groups that both have some influence and political say on their own terms. You don’t “tolerate” a force equally powerful to yourself with different interests, you fight against it, you oppose it, to let it know you are willing to defend yourself. At this later stage to “tolerate” will come off as affected to those you are tolerating. It will also never get you what you want, for you will then always be on the defensive against these other cultures. It is well and good and benevolent of the left to embrace other cultures, but you lose respect of others when you yourself bring no culture to the table. The left wants other cultures to enrich its own barren and empty culture, because the left forgot to have its own cultural identity. All it has is generic well meaning, well worn phrases that it repeats hoping for other people to give them a pat on the back for being morally good.

This is not going to work when you are an equal competitor in a real cultural war of values. That approach only works when you are so sure of your own position of superiority that you can afford to offer “tolerance” to others. There is no such superiority anymore, so this is one thing the political left in the future is going to have to come to terms with. All those angry young people on the left competing with each other to be seen to be more virtuous I can only feel sorry for. They are victims of an ideology that has lost touch with reality. An ideology that still wants to “tolerate” in a reality where there is no longer a superior culture to do the tolerating.

Other features of the left today are contained in the word progressive. This encompasses elements such as always helping the next “oppressed” group and a dedication to a certain kind of science and technology to help alleviate our ills. There are many ways where I could straight away illustrate some dangerous real consequences of these things if they are believed too absolutely and too blindly. For instance, what when there is no oppressed group? We will surely have to split hairs to find oppression, because our politics on the left demands constant action. And regarding dedication to technology. What happens when alternate approaches work better for our health. Should we shun technology in these cases, or would that make us immediately regressive in the eyes of the political left?

These are dangerous areas when you have someone that is dedicated to certain beliefs that have worked for a generation or two, and is simply unwilling to gain awareness of the now changing reality.

Finally in this piece I want to highlight some of the standard strategies of the political left today in its mission to refuse to acknowledge opposition to its belief structure. If you step out of their ideological tram lines these are the things you can expect to happen pretty quickly to you.

You will, for starters, if you are white, certainly be accused of racism immediately. It does not matter what your actions in your life or relationships show, you are straight away a racist in their eyes because you are daring to, for one second, try and “assert” your own cultural tradition. This is simply not allowed, for the paranoid few on the left this is one step away from NAZI Germany! But lets deconstruct this ridiculous line of reasoning a second. So are you saying white people cannot have a cultural stance of their own? Other than to support your left political ideology? This is tantamount to wanting to enforce some kind of totalitarianism, and it is also letting an oppression sneak in the back door, when you are supposedly fighting other oppression’s at the front door.

You will also be accused of having various phobias. So, rather than listen to your perspective, your own voice, it is straight away plastered in your face, you are just phobic of others voices. So, no dialogue, no discussion, no acknowledgement of your individual perspective. Immediately you are psychologically diagnosed as phobic to other groups! This is the low level of tolerance of the political left when it comes to a competing ideological voice not from someone in a commonly accepted classification of minority group.

They will also shout loud to all “their” minority groups, look at this person who is “phobic” of you, hate him, do not tolerate him, hound him where ever he goes.. We see this approach in the media owned by the political left every day in the news. Look at this upstart, trying to affirm his culture, the culture that, (so we on the left like to claim) is responsible for all the exploitation in the past of the worlds poor. This cannot be allowed, we must protest…

The subtlety of the strategies goes a lot deeper than this. I can feel it, but I cannot always express it in words very well. The basic fact is though, that the political left has a core set of beliefs that it is very protective of, and if those beliefs happen here or there to go out of touch with reality, it is reality they will sacrifice, not their beliefs. As an individual with my own judgement on affairs, not claiming a group allegiance to give me authority, I will always be critical of this. The political left has abandoned largely the feature of their attachment to democratic values that once served them so well. Namely, that these values used to tap in to the reality of our current political and cultural malaise. Now their presumed values comes first and reality a distant second.



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