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Where Liberals Went Wrong

August 18, 2018

The liberal political philosophy was once a great source of value to me. J.S. Mill, Adam Smith, etc. In the time when liberals still respected the sovereignty of the individual. This, I realise, with clarity, is where they have now gone wrong. They no longer have any respect for this source of sovereignty.

The kind of tolerance of the liberal of today is based around group allegiance. It is all about toleration of certain groups, so at no point here does respect for the individual emerge. In fact, they have a common tactic for someone who claims authority as an individual now, which is to call him white and privileged, even if they are not white or male. The liberal logic being, if he is claiming authority without appealing to his group identity, he must be drawing off the inherent oppressive patriarchal super structure of society. (Thanks post modern humanities for how you have messed up people’s minds here, by the way.)

Where then would we find respect for the individual, if they cannot tolerate individuals anymore? Welfare rights for the poverty stricken. At one time this gave some hope to individuals. But when we see what this welfare state system does to people, we soon see the individual disappear. The welfare dependent zombie of today in a western country probably has a lot less individuality than a homeless person in some developing country who has to struggle through their lives.

This is the problem here, by taking away peoples struggles with a welfare state, we claim to be doing something benevolent and wonderful for them, when what we are really doing is robbing them of their individuality. Slowly and methodically shutting down any independent mindedness in them and any ability to think and fend for themselves.

It is not done by accident, but then it is neither done by some grand conspiratorial design. The fact is that actions have consequences, and when you control one problem you only create some other problem in another area. For instance, you can extend people’s life’s with technology etc to some extent, but then this only makes the fact we must die eventually all the more difficult to bear and accept.

It is hard to see right now, how this leviathan of technology. How this ugly monstrosity it has become pervading all of our lives, can be receded. But there is a simple way we can help ourselves. This is not to let ourselves become identified with technology. To always keep some part of our individual self’s free of it. The liberal of today has abandoned the individual self. But we don’t have to be liberals anymore. The moment the liberal loses their sincerity and basic integrity as an individual they no longer garner any respect from me.

Then I guess it is no surprise they don’t respect the sovereignty of individuals anymore given they no longer value sincerity and integrity. These are the source of our individuality, and there is a force out there right now, systematically trying to get people to abandon these values, so they can take their individuality.

The liberal loves #freepress, when by that he means freedom of massive corporations to brainwash him with a set agenda. But he hates #freespeech, because that would be a freedom for individuals and individual voices, with no clear agenda. The liberal wants and needs to be told what to believe because they abandoned their individual ability to discern things some time ago.

The historical development of this is quite difficult to follow precisely, but in outline, at some point a kind of liberal that is less concerned for the sovereignty of the individual merges with a kind of socialism that is less concerned about genuine equality. The result is the liberal left of today.

What tempted so many liberals who once defended individual sovereignty to slowly abandon this? I guess answering this question may help explain just how we got in the mess we are in today. Transitional figures along this line could be Karl Popper, and his strange open society, which always struck me as a kind of totalitarianism in disguise, and John Rawls’ ideas on social justice. Somewhere along the line they have managed to convince us that individual voices do not matter anymore and that group values take precedence over those voices.


  1. Robert permalink

    The sick must be healed, the homeless need to be sheltered, the hungry need to be fed. The real issues have nothing to do with tribalism and blame, these are real issues that are not being addressed because of blame and fractionalism, instead they distract from the real problems.

    • The sick “must” be healed, etc, sure real issues… So is the sovereignty of the individual, the basis of democracy falls apart without this. Sacrificing the underpinning values of our cultural identity and self identity for the sake of doing good deeds for an ever expanding human population does not seem like a feasible strategy for humanities future, to me.

      • Robert permalink

        The individual is not a sovereign, he is a very small part of the totality. The air your breath, the food you eat, sunshine, and social environment define what surrounds the individual and what qualities flow through him!
        And the Christian concept of right beliefs over responsibility for actions has turned the west into consciousness mindless, soulless goons who fail to accept blame no matter how many innocent people’s they destroy! 🤪

        • I don’t think you can blame Christianity for the fact that the imperialist west happened to have better technology and was able to overpower these other cultures through the past few hundred years. The very reason also that I am trying to defend the sovereign individual is precisely to protect a notion of people as not being mindless or soulless.

    • No, the sick mustn’t be healed; nor must the homeless be sheltered; nor must the hungry be fed. It is perhaps a good thing to try to provide these charities, but it is NOT a must. And charity it is and would be at its best since the recipients have no right to these things. At worst and more common it is merely the enslavement of some to provide for others.

      • Robert permalink

        They have no more right than you do and personal luck changes! 🤪

        • You miswrote but we’re basically right. They, the needy, have no MORE right than me. Indeed, they have LESS right than me to my property unless we’ve entered into some form of agreement or contract by which I owe them for goods or services rendered because they have NO to me, my labor, or fruits thereof.

          As for changing luck – Yep. It does. For it has more than once. That doesn’t change the simple fact that I have no duty to aid others and others have no right to my aid.

          • Robert permalink

            Regardless of your personal sensibilities, the original point is that the real issues are being obfuscated by combative oppositions who are not interested in solving problems because they generate distractions instead of dealing with the issue; Left vs Right polarity, or Christian vs Muslim, or Communist vs Capitalist! Neither side is capable of recognizing the truth because the other side is so evil that it can’t be bargained with and only destroyed!

  2. “What tempted so many liberals who once defended individual sovereignty to slowly abandon this?”

    I would say their victories, combined with their pathological need to have a “struggle,” were the temptation that they fell to. Liberals – the ones who still be believed in the individual – won almost all of their battles and achieved almost all that could be rightly achieved under law. But they still needed the “struggle” because that was what defined them. Hence, they fell into to process of expanding the scope and nature of their struggle and left the individual behind.

    • I think also they gave into the lure of technology and scientific specialists where we have learned to simply trust experts, rather than think things through for ourselves to make informed, responsible decisions.

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