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Super State or Holism

August 21, 2018

When we step out into the ever more interconnected world of today. Information passing across the world in seconds. Values, judgements, victories, tragedies, all shared across the globe in moments. You have to ask the question: To what extent is this interconnection a natural holistic emergent thing, and to what extent is it artificially engineered by some elite technocrats manipulating our every emotion?

I think it is an open question, and I think in some areas, it is natural, in others it is contrived. The key to the future of humanity is to spot the contrived elements and root them out. I want humans to care more for the climate and the environment. I want humans to be more giving etc. And I want humanity to be a more peaceful, harmonious interconnected entity. But I don’t want this to be forced on people top-down by a state mechanism that is merely a puppet/tool of the powerful technocrats in our society.

Most people do not realise the sheer level of knowledge for manipulating other humans that we have accumulated in our technology and science experts. These people work as, and for, the powerful elites in our society to contrive a global order by various psychological manipulative measures, via the news, advertising etc. Their goal is to create a sham global human unity, that they as an elite remain independent of. Reminiscent of the character in the Time Machine. And the splitting of humanity into two species. This would not be a holistic humanity. It would be no more than a veneer. A facade, a pretence.

To continue on the path of life and freedom we must reject this simulacrum, this comfortable matrix, being offered to us by the elites to live within. It is not real. It is a delusion and it is deeply unhealthy for ourselves and our descendants.


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  1. As an artist married to an artist, I know full well the means of much of the visual deception that occurs. As a writer, I read it too. It takes me back to some lyrics of a childhood song, “Be careful little ears what you hear… and be careful little eyes what you see.” And maybe it wasn’t to shield oneself from the fodder (though I do that also), but to be aware and mindful that not all of what you see or hear is true. We each need to FEEL within, what is true for each of us and follow that.

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