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The Essential Colin Wilson – Review

August 28, 2018

A great overview of the progression of the ideas of Colin Wilson. You get to appreciate the common themes of all his work, but also its evolution in to a clear practical guide for others who want to pursue this path of transcending everyday consciousness into a deeper understanding of the self and the true purpose and meaning of our lives.

It was also interesting for me to see for the first time how he presents some of his ideas in his fictional works. The various metaphors he uses, from Faculty X to the Ladder of Selves to Laurel and Hardy theory of consciousness to 3 D consciousness all can aid your own appreciation of this process.

The basic truth here is that we need tension in our lives in order for horizons of meaning to emerge in our lives. All spirituality at all times has realised this. The modern world, in trying to remove all suffering from life, as good intentioned as this pursuit may be, also removes all tension in our life. And so the sense of meaninglessness and boredom sets in. Colin Wilson does not pursue this insight much into the social, cultural and political domain. But we are seeing now political consequences of the failure of a kind of moral value system in its application to our lives.

People desire and require a tension in their lives for meaning to emerge, we must first agree on this once and for all, forget about vain utopian projects of ending all “suffering” and get back to a more longer term practical solution/project for the future generations.

  1. ‘An independent thinker. First read his “The Occult” about 40 years ago and was thinking about his “Mind Parasites” a few days ago. Too bad that he is gone.

    • Yes, a rarity in the 20th Century Specialist Academic climate for an independent thinker to get some influence. I started with the Outsider maybe 15 or 16 years ago, since then read many more, but not for awhile, so was good to get reacquainted with his ideas.

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