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The Media Attack on Self Integrity

September 3, 2018

The tactic clearly of some of the mainstream media lately is to render people powerless and despairing in the face of conflicting information. I cannot see how the recent “praise” in the US for John McCain after his death can be seen as anything other than an attempt to put right minded, left wing people into a complete state of mental breakdown. All their sentiments and beliefs and ideas would tell them to dislike John McCain, but now their left wing “Idols and leaders” are coming out and saying he was a great guy. Sure there is no call for disrespectful acts towards the dead, but there is neither any need to heap false praise on them.

The tactics are clear. They are manipulating human psychology very well. They know there will be little push back, because no one wants to be seen as the person being disrespectful towards the dead. Anyone who does push back of course will have mud slinged their way in line with that accusation immediately. The twitter storm modern equivalent of mob stone throwing. They also know that most people on the left for other strong, almost visceral, reasons, largely manipulated in them by the left media portrayal of Trump, oppose anything Trump does, and will take the side opposite to Trump.

So the “powers that be” all line up praising McCain and denigrating Trump. They are left in an impossible quandary. They want to follow their instincts of hating Trump, they want to retain some self respect of a consistent vision of what is good and bad in the world. A consistent vision in which people like John McCain were bad guys. But the media will not let them have both. It is a classic and very clear example of the level of manipulation by the media now of people. To put them into such a position of intellectual personal crisis that they will likely go insane, depressed etc..

To the leaders, the manipulators, this result is exactly what they want: for an uncertain person, is a weakened person, is a person in future who will then be more liable to be brainwashed into whatever suggestion they are implanted with.

This, I think, is currently a systematic process by the few elite powerful in the west to undermine the basic will power and personal integrity of people in their own beliefs to make them amenable to easier manipulation in line with what the elite wants them to do and think.

To fight against this process there are many things you/we can do. You can gain an awareness of the clear basic fact that there is an elite engaging in this kind of level of manipulation, and not be scared off by the “conspiracy theorist” tagline. You could avoid much of the media that engages most regularly in this kind of tactic of manipulation, though risk becoming out of touch and uninformed in some other ways also. You could expose it for what it is whenever it arises. (Something I try to do when I become aware of it, although this can be a thankless and energy consuming task, as there is so much of it going on now, with an elite that has access to such great resources.) Better yet, you can renew a focus on your own self integrity, build such a solid core to your being that the potential manipulators will not stand a chance of infiltrating. Create a kind of labyrinthine structure to your own brain/mind. This is another thing I do myself and would recommend others to do.

We are living in a very dangerous time for the human spirit. Science and technology are wonderful things, but never forget that there is a concentration of these resources in a small elite group who do not have your interests in mind. When they casually talk of things like uploading the mind to a digital form, as Google hopes to achieve one day. Or of explaining all our neurological reactions so that free will, moral values and ideals and intentions are taken out of the picture. They are not just suggesting a nice peaceful democratic progress of an enlightened society. The elite will not be without free will and choices and values along with the rest of us in this scenario. No, they will remain with freedom of course and power and control over the fate of the rest of us. Do not let the wonders of science in factual realms make you naively unaware of the realms of power in human society and of what levels some will go to to get powers over others.

To end on not such a pessimistic note, I think we are talking about a small minority, in reality, even among the powerful in society, who actively pursue this kind of thing. It is not a basic corruption in human nature inevitably tending towards this result, or anything like that. It is a very small and specific group of people and though we cannot confront them directly, we can resist them indefinitely by being sure of our own mental well being. And by retaining freedom over our own core self and values.

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