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The Dissolution of Law, Justice and Social Responsibility: Thoughts and Concerns

September 4, 2018

If the left could give me a clear explanation of when an illegal immigrant becomes a refugee, and vice versa, when a refugee becomes an illegal immigrant, I would be happier to then accept the moral ground they claim for themselves in their defence of all refugees rights. I imagine they would say a refugee can never become an illegal immigrant. So, setting that part aside for now, when do we definitely have an illegal immigrant, not a refugee, and how are we going to apply justice in these cases? The left does not have an answer is part of the reason the law is simply often ignored in this situation in specific cases. The emotional content of these specific peoples situations is generally too much for a left minded person to handle without feeling bad for the person, and so the letter of the law goes out the window.

But if we are going to say that our notion of justice is wrong, what consistent notion are we going to replace it with? It is no long term strategy for a stable society to simply throw out the rule book of justice based on an endless stream of individual exceptions. This kind of whimsy is not justice, and it soon becomes no more than a form of emotional blackmail when people see how to exploit it. The whole point of justice and law is that we have a definite space of our own secured from which we can then enter freely into obligations and duties beyond this sphere. If there is no sphere of our own then obligations are no longer truly obligations, as they are not something we have freely contractually committed to. They have become a responsibility to us with no attendant right. A forcefully imposed commitment. I.e. A form of slavery.

Now this may well be the left wants to go in the future for the western world. Maybe you could argue, for our exploitation of other parts of the world in our imperial pasts, we must now pay collective reparations, and so it is a responsibility freely imposed upon us by our ancestors whom we are now responsible for in some way. In this case, the future is a realm where we no longer have a free realm of choice for selecting our social obligations and responsibilities. It is all imposed upon us by a forced necessity.

This could well be the future, I am just wondering is this really a future people on the left want? Is this a ramification they are willing to accept all because they refuse to take a principled stance on a limitless stream of immigrants we are supposed to be obligated to, legal or not, because we cannot face the emotional turmoil in the stories of each immigrant entailed by turning them away?

And of course bear in mind this necessity will not be imposed on the rich elite in our countries, only on the rest of us. So we will be freely sacrificing our freedom to a new oligarchy in the process. All this because we are too bashful in the face of acknowledging responsibility for the hardship of anyone else! (Leave it to an uncaring, psychopathic, manipulative elite group please, we are too immature for democracy.)

(P.s. I think there is a good chance we will indeed follow this course, and anyone who has not so been so “bashful” in the face of this (except for the protected elite of course) will be the first to be targeted by this new form of mob approach to law and justice.)

Alternatively we could move away from this dangerous obsession on a never ending wave of social justice obligations, and move towards a focus on our social responsibilities. Internalising these responsibilities more, accepting the consequences of them, and then maybe we can make some real strides towards an actual democracy in the future.

(P.p.s. If you think refusing to take any responsibility for bad things done to anyone, implicit in virtue signalling rhetoric for instance, where the point is to exonerate yourself of any personal responsibility for a particular “bad” thing, is being socially responsible you are very much mistaken. We are all, going back in our history, indirectly responsible at least for all sorts of bad things.) (And this refusal seems to pop up on the left often, which is why they like allegories of a romanticised time when we were supposedly innocent, and they like to set up certain oppressed groups as being an exemplar of innocence. Of course, soon as that group has power they are vulnerable to the same problems as any other group or person that had any power ever, and so we move no closer to understanding power in a reasonable way, we just deflect it away on to the next emotional scapegoat.)

We must learn once more in our communities how we can respect peoples boundaries so they can freely adopt social responsibilities, to end this horrendous manipulative parade of trying to force social justice obligations upon people based on such and such an emotional issue that personally concerns such and such a person whose need is special for such and such a reason. This is not justice, it is something that can only degenerate into mob rule as it will force us into a state where our more instinctive needs will predominate in us, over the rational considered needs, the more our personal space is encroached upon.

The elite has a plan for how to deal with all of this. The plan is to send people to sleep, make people passive, so they will not defend themselves as their personal ground is encroached on more and more. This is one way we can go in our future, no doubt. We can be lulled to sleep, we could also go kicking and screaming like Winston Smith in 1984. Or, better yet, we could come together to contribute in some way to our future society, by taking some responsibility for our actions, and, like Kant, once asked of us, to free ourselves from our self imposed immaturity.

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